Systematized collection of patient & population electronically-stored information related to behavioral health in a digital format. Designed to capture data/information accurately and to store the state of a client across time. Software can be customized as per the user engagements. Streamlines the user interface and permits staff easy, secure access to data and functions. Minimize a risk of data replication as there is only one modifiable file, which means users need to update single file which decreases a danger of lost printed material. User Friendly interface decreases training time while improving staff time in the software. Maintain staff and client records easily and quickly. Easily search the entire database for users or clients. With the search capability, pertinent and critical client data can be recovered effectively and securely. Quick links to internal and external sites documents. Allows users to see what is on their calendar for the current day. Reporting tool empowers provider and management to run and effortlessly save a variety of reports. Users can choose to have event alerts send to their email and others. The only Software specifically made to include note capture and reporting for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) in Maryland.