• Software is designed to allow office staff, and clinician quick and secure access the system.
  • Interactive user-friendly interface is implemented to access daily basis items/pages quickly.
  • Multiple ways to navigate to the most used screens, allows users to become more comfortable with the user interface.
  • Interactive client reports makes sharing data easy.
  • Voice Recognition helps clinicians easily create their progress notes.


  • Systematized collection of patient & population electronically-stored information related to behavioral health in a digital format.
  • Designed to capture data/information accurately and to store the state of a client across time.
  • Software can be customized as per the user engagements.
  • Streamlines the user interface and permits staff easy, secure access to data and functions.
  • Minimize a risk of data replication as there is only one modifiable file, which means users need to update single file which decreases a danger of lost printed material.
  • User-friendly interface decreases training time while improving staff time in the software.
  •  Maintain staff and client records easily and quickly.
  • Easily search the entire database for users or clients.
  • With the search capability, pertinent and critical client data can be recovered effectively and securely.
  • Quick links to internal and external sites documents.
  • Allows users to see what is on their calendar for the current day.
  • Reporting tool empowers provider and management to run and effortlessly save a variety of reports.
  • Users can choose to have event alerts send to their email and others.
  • The only software specifically made to include note capture and reporting for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) in Maryland.


  • Easy to upload all the collaborative documents for the clients.
  • Easy-to-use web based software that empowers providers to streamline and integrate all documentation.
  • Facility to save and view documents within the software.
  • Save all type of documents within a client’s file (office document, pdf, image, medical history documents, etc).
  • Increased documentation compliance quality assurance oversight.


  • Easy appointments creation within the calendar interface.
  • Comprehensive calendar module allows you to maintain the schedules of all staff within the clinic.
  • Tweak appointment times and make clinician changes with just a few clicks.
  • User can arrange preferred work hours and day views, copy plans and enter recurring appointments.
  • Staff can deal with their own appointment while management maintains a centralized scheduling model.
  • Events, notifications and reminders are built-in to the scheduling module.
  • Simple to view all the date/time specific information in one place.
  • Mobile and distributed workers can wirelessly download their schedule.
  • Get the latest data on the clients they are calendar to see.


  • Web-based application allows users to connect from anywhere.
  • Complete responsive solution is developed to allow users the ability to work on any size device.
  • Application can be used on any device, PC, MAC, Tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Voice Recognition allows clinicians to record notes while on the road.


  • An easy place for clinicians to view their caseloads and see items that are due for their clients.
  • Display client sessions and unsigned notes on dashboard.
  • Track basic client info efficiently, easily, and quickly with dashboard features.


  • Reports to help you manage day-to-day operations and keep a watchful eye on clinic data.
  • Compliance reporting on treatment plan compliance, unsigned notes, and sessions received, and many more.
  • Track all clients by Clinician, zip code, client status, and Payor, among other things.
  • Track Intakes, Client authorizations, Clients by Payor and locked accounts.
  • Gives managers the ability to manage efficiently and adapt quickly.


Coming Soon….


  • The only software made specifically with the Maryland PRP program in mind.
  • Complete Assessments, medical necessities, IRP’s, and your continuation of services referrals directly within the software.
  • Stay COMAR compliant with alerts for reviews of PRP documents and authorization renewals.